Transforming the future of investing, making alternative assets universally accessible.

  • Providing access to uncorrelated, difficult-to-access asset classes for strategic diversification
  • Transparent and regulated
  • Authorised and regulated by the FCA and SEC ready

Why Invest in Alternatives?

Mintus' platform allows for investment in alternatives, allowing you to create diversified portfolios with low volatility and increased returns. Diversification with alternatives means correlations to traditional assets decrease, lowering risk and potentially boosting returns.

Investing also involves risks and please see our Risk Summary for more information.

How Mintus Works

Our platform offers access to alternative assets such as Art, Real Estate, Shipping, and others through shared ownership. Mintus is breaking down barriers to entry with transparency and increased security by using a cutting-edge platform.

Mintus PaaS: The Future of Asset Management and Private Banking

Empower your organisation with our Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution. Digitise and manage alternative assets such as real estate, art, and private equity effortlessly either by using our advanced platform, or in private blockchain. Boost operational efficiency, ensure regulatory compliance, and craft bespoke investment products for clients. Discover the future of asset management with Mintus PaaS.

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