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Why invest in art?

Investing in blue-chip art offers strong performance, averaging 8.9% annual growth since 2000 - over 3x better than the S&P 500 according to the ArtPrice 100© Index1. Art's low correlation with traditional investments makes it a wise addition to a balanced portfolio, supported by 85% of wealth managers2

Mintus focuses on Post-War & Contemporary Art, which has grown significantly faster than the overall art market, with the ArtPrice Contemporary Art Index up by over 358% and the ArtPrice Post-War Art Index by 267% since 19983.

1. ArtPrice, ‘The ArtPrice 100© Index of Blue-chip artists up 3% over 2022’, 30 Jan 2023
2. Deloitte & ArtTactic, Art & Finance Report 2021
3. ArtPrice Global Indices, data correct as of 1st October 2022

How does it work?

Mintus makes it possible to invest in blue-chip art through fractional ownership.

Historically, the top-end of the art market was reserved for the ultra-wealthy, with high financial barriers for purchasing, insuring, and storing artwork. Even accessing the art can be difficult due to significant premiums at auctions and discerning galleries with waiting lists. 

Mintus removes these barriers through fractional investment, allowing you to invest in multi-million-dollar art with a minimum investment of $3,000.

Why Mintus?

Our Art Investment Committee, composed of art and investment experts with decades of top-end market experience, selects paintings with the best investment potential using sophisticated data analysis and market insight. 

We are continuously regulated by financial authorities, ensuring best practices in managing investment risks and handling investor money. 

Our user-friendly platform offers comprehensive investment insights and enables 24/7 online portfolio management for investors.

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