The fractions of trust

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Buying shares in art, also known as fractional investment, has been available in the US with great success over the past few years. Now it’s coming to the UK and Europe through Mintus, allowing you to invest in an asset class that has outperformed the S&P500 by 240% since 1986 (data from LiveArt). Read on to find out how investors know what they’re buying and how they can trust the experienced team providing the art – and the technology behind the process.  

Know what you’re buying

Every piece has been authenticated and verified as part of the Mintus acquisition process, so you’ll always know the art you’re buying into is genuine.  Mintus, in conjunction with third parties, conducts authentication for all artworks listed on the platform following industry standards. By the time syndication closes (the point at which all the shares in an artwork have sold), the pieces in question will be in our possession, and any invested money will be verified by linked bank accounts. While the minimum investment is £2,500, every new piece of art will be broken down into shares of £20 each.  

Holding and realising

Once a particular artwork is fully syndicated, it will be held in a private bonded warehouse, specially designed to house delicate assets within a climate-controlled environment. Investors receive updated appraisals of changes in valuation every 12 months. Mintus provides all insurance covering potential loss or damage of the artwork while it is in the company’s possession.  


Mintus is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and operated by a highly qualified team with decades of experience in the art market. The company is also subject to strict authentication processes and is transparent on its website about the stage of the acquisition reached for each piece of art. We know the provenance of the art and the pattern of its most recent ownership, providing documentation where appropriate to meet ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) requirements. As we progress, we will try to put works into museums and galleries so buyers can see them in person before making an investment.


Mintus operates a customer service team that is at hand via email and phone to answer investor enquiries, and there is also an FAQ section on our website.

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