Frequently Asked Questions

Can I list my artwork for sale on Mintus?

We welcome any owner who wants to unlock liquidity from their collections to contact our Fine Art Team. This includes individual investors, galleries, institutions, and artists. Please reach out if you're interested in listing your artwork on the Mintus platform.

How is the art stored?

All artwork offered by Mintus is stored in climate-controlled, specialist art storage facilities, under a Mintus account. Current paintings are held in a facility in Delaware.

How is the artwork on Mintus selected?

Artwork is acquired through our unique relationships with the world’s most renowned collectors and galleries. Our Fine Art Team marries their own expertise with insights from fellow industry experts to identify one-of-a-kind investment opportunities from established artists with high-growth potential. Our team examines metrics such as the artist’s market track record, recent price velocity and momentum, and the size of their international collector base when making investment decisions.

How can I contact Mintus or make a complaint?

If you need support you can send an email to [email protected] or schedule a call using the links on each page of our website. If you need to make a complaint you can write to [email protected]. A description of our complaints policy is set out in the Investment Terms & Conditions for each investment.

Is Mintus authorised by the FCA?

Mintus Trading Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom under firm reference number 942522. For more details on our regulatory permissions please see the Financial Services Register.

What are the risks of investing?

For more information on risks, see the Memorandum for the relevant artwork and the important disclosures.

Does Mintus sell NFTs?

Mintus does not sell NFTs. NFTs are digital assets. Mintus enables qualifying investors to participate in the art market by purchasing interests in high value, physical artworks. Mintus’ platform facilitates investment in real, iconic artworks created by established artists.

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