Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sell my shares?

Mintus is planning to in the future introduce a Secondary Market for investors in permitted locations, which will facilitate selling of shares to buyers, dependant on demand. Further details, including the timing relating to launching any such Secondary Market, will be notified to customers in due course.

Why do I need to be a ‘high net worth individual’, ‘sophisticated investor’, or 'qualified investor' to join the Mintus platform?

According to the regulations, certain investments can only be made available to investors who fall within these categories and Mintus must also follow appropriateness requirements when registering investors.

What does Mintus charge?

Fees are dependent on the specific artwork and the specific structure of the investment opportunity. Fees are clearly shown in advance for each artwork / investment opportunity, as displayed in the Memorandum that relates to the artwork / investment opportunity; this document is available to download from the profile of each artwork under the Opportunities section.

Is Mintus only for individual investors? Is it appropriate for wealth managers or private banks?

Both individual investors and institutions can invest in artworks. Individual investors will need to declare themselves to be ‘high net worth individuals’, ‘sophisticated investors’ or 'qualified investors' during the account creation process. Individual investors will also need to pass an appropriateness assessment. Professional investors including wealth managers, private banks and family offices should contact our team for more information on investing as an entity or managing multiple client accounts on the platform.

Is there a minimum investment on the platform?

For the opportunities listed, a minimum investment of $3,000 is required however investments can be for any amount above this and generally range from $15,000 to $100,000. International payments are accepted.

How do I transfer my funds to a USD account?

Funds can be sent from any denomination into our USD bank account. We will show you the estimated cost in your chosen currency during the investment process, however, this may change at the point of transfer and does not account for fees charged by your bank. When transferring, your bank may show an estimated conversion; alternatively, the funds can be sent in your local currency and converted at the point of receipt. Other transfer services such as Wise display exact fee and currency conversion rates to ensure you're sending the subscribed amount.

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